Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® - Blossom Tags and Accents (S5-072)


Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® - Blossom Tags and Accents (S5-072)

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Inspired by the bold designs of the 1970's, the Samantha Walker Designer Collection introduces Blossom Tags and Accents. Three larger nesting flower shapes are characterized by intricate embossed edge detail and cut lines, and floral inspired cut outs. Three small flowers interchangeably fit the center. A groovy looking leaf shape boasts three more nesting die templates.

Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Die Template Sizes:


1: 1¾ x ⅝"
2: 3⅛ x 1¼"
3: 3½ x 1¾"


1: ¾"
2: ⅞"
3: ⅞"
4: 2"
5: 3⅜"
6: 4"

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