Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® - Heraldry (S4-300)


Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® - Heraldry (S4-300)

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Tattoo inspired in the Renaissance theme, these die templates capture the honor and nobility of medieval times. The Griffon embodies strength and power, the Dagger represents justice, and the stylized Fleur de Lis stands for royalty. The elaborately scrolled and winged crest allows artists to create a coat of arms. Ornate embossing defines the details.

Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities® cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Die Template Sizes:

Crest: 3¼ x 2⅛″

Griffin: 2 x 2″

Sword: 1 x 2¾″

Fleur: 1½ x 1⅝″

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