Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die D-Lites - S2-065 - Create A Lily


Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die D-Lites - S2-065 - Create A Lily

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Spellbinders Shapeabilities Die D-Lites - Create A Lily

  • 10 Schablonen von Spellbinders im Set

Beautiful dimensional flowers can be created with the Create-A-Flower series! Lilies have a long held role in ancient mythology, where imagesof these majestic flowers were discovered in Crete. Embellish and curl the petals, assemble and enjoy the dimension. Stunning on cards,scrapbook pages and mixed media projects.

Spellbinders® Shapeabilities® Die D-Lites™ cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Die Template Sizes:

Petal SM: ⅜ x 1⅜”
Petal LG: ⅝ x 1¼”
Stamen: 1 x 1⅛”
Calyx: 1⅛ x ¾”
Left SM: ¼ x 1⅜”
Leaf LG: ½ x 1½”


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